Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

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The COVID-19 pandemic is surging across our country, and true heroes are emerging. America’s healthcare workers are tirelessly caring for those patients that exhibit symptoms of the virus (fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath).

When I see our team members staffing a drive-thru screening clinic dressed in full personal protective equipment, it reminds me of firefighters running into burning buildings.

These people are heroes.

I witness our physicians, nurses, and technicians caring for our patients, knowing that their personal risk of exposure is exponentially higher. These people understand the risk and still come to work every day because they care about their patients.

These people are heroes.

Housekeepers clean dirty rooms. Maintenance workers fix what needs to be fixed, regardless of the location. Supply chain professionals work tirelessly to make sure the scarce supplies are obtained and distributed. Dietary workers feed not only our patients but our hungry, tired, staff members as well.

These people are heroes.

Lab Professionals do their jobs, Radiologic Technologists continue to perform their examinations, and Respiratory Therapists will continue to be key performers in the COVID-19 drama.

Nurses, Nurse Aides, and Medical Assistants in our physician offices are often the first point of contact in communication with our patients. They answer the phones, provide advice, schedule appointments, and care for our patients in the clinics.

These people are heroes.

All of them know they signed up for, and they do run towards the danger because that is what they were trained to do. And they still worry about taking home the virus to their own family members.

They go home exhausted and frustrated that they didn’t do enough and worried that they made a mistake.

And they come back the next day and do it again.

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